Whitetail Deer Hunts

Nebraska has long been a hidden “gem” of whitetail hunts that only the locals know.

At Top Flight Hunts in Battle Creek, NE you will hunt the Elkhorn River basin which has excellent timber cover, the river running right by, and plenty of CRP with food plots placed throughout for great hunting success. All of our hunting areas are managed year round so that you have the best opportunities to see lots of deer.  We take extra care to ensure that our tree stands are placed in the highest traffic areas as well as making sure that they are safe and secure.

We only have a limited number of whitetail hunts available each year with many of our hunters returning year after year. We offer rifle, bow and black powder hunts. Since we have limited the number of hunters each year our properties have not been overhunted, therefore you will see many deer of various maturity levels. Many of our hunters enjoy watching the deer move through their area just as much as they enjoy the actual hunt.

This really is a natural habitat for the whitetails in our area so you never know when that buck of a lifetime will step out and make your day!

Please refer to Nebraska Game and Parks for season dates, rules and regulations.

All of our hunts are free range and fair chase!

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